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Serviced Apartments in Milan for rent: Casoretto district

Apartments for Rent Milano: district Casoretto

In Milan there are many distinctive neighborhoods which look more like little-towns gathered around a square or an ancient church that often comes out unexpectedly from suburban buildings.
One of these districts is undoubtedly the one that develops around Piazza S.Materno, Via Casoretto and Via Lambrate.
Perhaps many people have never realized how many hidden gems and fascinating places are located in this Milan’s district, East of Loreto, between Casoretto and Città Studi.
Residence PDN Milan is right in the heart of this district, where in the early 1900’s there were only farms and fields.

History / Background

Casoretto district was once part of the small town of Lambrate and it was developed around Santa Maria Bianca della Misericordia Church, also called "Casoretto Abbey".
With the growth of the city of Milan and its expansion, this part of the city slowly began to be gentrified with an architecture that attracted the growing middle class.

Places of interest

Residence Milan Lambrate, near Politecnico Milano LibraryWe have prepared a selection of interesting places, suggested routes and a list of leisure activities, all nearby our Residence in the heart of Milan’s Casoretto District. We have written down a small list of suggestions among the many opportunities the city and the neighbourhood offer. For any further information do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Frigoriferi Milanesi - Contemporary Art Center Frigoriferi Milanesi - Contemporary Art Center Naviglio Martesana River


Bars and patisserie


GetFit Lambrate. Gym with Spa. Discounted rates for our guests and short-stay subscriptions.


L’italiano Parrucchieri, Via Casoretto, 6


  • Cargo Milano – Hightech Design Via Meucci, 39 Milano
  • Capo Verde – Fioraio Vivaio ed Erboristeria Via Leoncavallo, 16

Local Food and clothes markets

Local Food Market

"Ampère" weekly market, every Thursday morning from 07.30 to 14.00
Address: Via Ampère, Milano.

"Benedetto Marcello", weekly market , every Tuesday from 07.30 to 14.00 and all Saturdays from 07.30 to 18.00.
Address: Via Benedetto Marcello,Milano.

East market

East market is the first marketplace where everyone can buy, sell or swap any kind of stuff. The inspiration comes from East London markets, where you can find antiques, furniture, vintage, second hand,sneakers, vynil, curiosities, oddities and old collections.
The entrance is free all day long, you can walk throught the stands, have a breakfast or lunch at the food market, or have a beer on the djset.
At every edition there is a food market, where you can eat all day long, where you can taste any kind of food.
East market location is an old engineering company, made in the second world war, an industrial charming location in the heart of Ventura Design District in Milan.
Discover new events here:
Address: Via Ventura,14 Milan.


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