HOMI is the innovative opportunity for the business of the lifestyle sector.

From 25 to 28 January 2019 the "International Home Show" will take place at Rho Fiera Milano. HOMI brings with it the project of new opportunities for collaboration and business, combined with love for the person and the living environment that is the home.

The new great project of Fiera Milano dedicated to people and lifestyles, a new idea of ​​fair to be discovered that revolves around the person, his styles, his spaces: all this is HOMI, the 10-dimensional house.

HOMI's project is therefore a great exhibition full of new ideas, new relationships and meeting points.

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For more information about the offers during Homi at the PDN Milano Residence, please contact us at info@residencepdn.it or at +3902268151

In our serviced apartments you will enjoy the living in Milan.
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Domenica al museo | musei gratis | 1 ottobre 2017 | Orari e aperture Eventi a Milano
BookCity Milano è una Manifestazione dedicata al libro e alla lettura attraverso incontri, spettacoli, reading, laboratori, mostre e una maratona di lettura. Un calendario con oltre 1000 appuntamenti. Nei tre giorni della manifestazione, dal 16 – 19 Novembre 2017, Milano diventa la città dei dibattiti letterari. La lettura, esperienza di valore che coniuga innovazione e tradizione, il libro e i lettori ne diventano motori e protagonist

“Se sei alla ricerca di un Residence a Milano per la tua estate, CONTATTACI!

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